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Borderline Personality Users' Manual

Plastic Jones
8 June
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I am distractible. I eat with my mouth open. I talk too much. I have a deviated septum. I have no children. I sing in an A Capella quartet. I talk too much. I struggle with the concept of God. I was an average student. I am usually late for meetings.

Everything in the universe seems to be driven by waveforms. Ripples on a pond. Tides. Lunar phases. Menstrual cycle. All life on earth is a result of seasonal and periodical frequency. The earth moving on its course orbiting the sun generates frequencies of warm and cold, more light, less light. Life seems to move at this frequency.

I am a product of this wave motion in the universe. The changing seasons and political upheavals of the 1960's led to my conception and birth. Fashion and cultural movements seem to repeat their themes. Big hair may come back in a few years. Too bad I have none.

I've never been called up-tight. I have been labeled pedantic and over-analytical. Not surprising. My current phase in life has me being less active, more worried and more irritable. My next phase will likely take the opposing swing of the pendulum. As years go on, I have seen the swings become less dramatic and farther between. Never too extreme. Well, not in my view. Medication has made some difference in perspective. I'm anticipating changes in response and ability to act. Some results are predicated on my determination. For instance, I decided I wanted to be able to run long distances. So, I began running. At first, I could only go to the end of the street. Then I could make it to the park. Then to the corner. Eventually, I was able to run 6km with no interruption. On Saturdays, I joined a group of avid runners at White Rock Lake. We would run 12.5km around the lake, sometimes 15 or more. I completed a 20km run, but I was one of the last to finish.
I started running when I was 40.

I taught myself to cook, to play the piano (not proficiently), to program computers, to read Russian, and more. I have been extremely fortunate to have this life. I have no health problems. I have a good wife. I make a decent living, and I can find work without too much difficulty, although I have become somewhat specialized. I live in a small house by 21st-century standards, but it's the biggest house I've ever lived in, and that goes for my parents and grandparents. We live in a safe community, and Texas has no state income tax.

My favorite things are Doctor Who (new and classic), real peanut butter, art museums, traveling and photography. I love singing and playing music, especially baroque and classical (Handel, Mozart, et al).

I'm a stickler for correct grammar, punctuation and usage. That's me being pedantic. But I can't stand hyper-correction, particularly when someone uses the subject pronoun when the object pronoun is needed. Example: "The band played a request from my wife and I." Yeech! I hears this on television all the time. I've even written letters to ABC, and they corrected their hyper-correction. Neat, huh?

As for the rest of the story, you will have to keep reading the journal. I'm in there.