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A Wedding
I went to a friend's wedding today. She has been a friend of mine and my wife's for fourteen years, or more. We attended church together in a previous century, a previous life. She has always been a very good friend. We have been through quite a lot together.
Her husband is a nice gentleman with grown children. I think they will make a wonderful couple.
The wedding was very traditional. I mean, very. It was held in a "reformed episcopal" church in Dallas. The ceremony was beautifully done, with all the trappings of an Anglican wedding. But, it was rather small. I have been to large weddings, with 9 bridesmaids and 9 groomsmen. My friend had two matrons of honor, and the groom, a best man only. But the ceremony was perfect. She really deserved such, and I told that to her.
She was really delighted when she saw me, and she asked where my wife was. I had to explain that she had been suffering lately from severely painful dry eyes, and that she couldn't make it. That made me sad, really, because the two of them have been very close over the years.
There were lost of pictures taken. The bride and groom cut their cakes and toasted. They danced. There was a bubbly send-off, and they were gone. It was not an extravagant wedding. It was elegant, tasteful, classy.
I wish the newlyweds all the best. A happy life together. with joy, peace and love.


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