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I 'Googled' my nom de plume a few days ago and found that there's a rock group in Hollywood by the name of Plastic Jones. Funny. I've been using this alias for a decade. I don't know how long they've been around, but it's probably a coincidence. But I was thinking: what if it wasn't? What if this metal band simply liked my name as they saw it on a previous blog or newsgroup or forum of mine?
I don't mean to sound obsessive, but I want my name to myself.
Actually, I can't claim this as a purely original appélation. In a previous century, I remember watching some imported cartoon with a Prince-and-the-Pauper theme. One of the characters was named Plastic. I loved it. I wanted people to call me Plastic.
Years later, after several nick-names, I began using some of them to write on the web, as I immediately recognized the complete lack of privacy it afforded. I won't divulge the other names here, because I use them often, and also, because that picture in the top-left corner is actually me. If you recognize it, you know exactly who I am.
I have 'Googled' my actual name from time to time. Narcissism? Okay, sure. Maybe a little. Not enough to abandon reality like its namesake. Besides, Narcissus was gorgeous. I am not. And I don't exactly have my own Nemesis, it would appear.
As for Plastic Jones, the band, I wish them success. I can't say I am a fan of their music. But I'm sure they're good.

Incidentally, there are a number of bands named 'Nemesis'.


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