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Plastic’s Rules for Life
Plastic’s Rules for Life

1.    Be yourself – Trying to be something or someone you are not makes life unnecessarily stressful. Besides, the universe needs you.
2.    Trust your instincts – Remember, the hind-brain formed first. Everything else is just baggage.
3.    Address your needs first; only then should you attempt to take care of others (I learned this from a flight attendant)
4.    Treat people, nature, yourself, the planet with respect.
5.    Make time for the things you enjoy. What is life for, anyway?
6.    Don’t worry about the future. Did the killer bees ever come?
7.    Eat real food. If your grandmother wouldn’t recognize it, it’s probably not right.
8.    Consume less (food, fuel, etc.)
9.    If it’s not yours, don’t take it!
10.    Google is awesome.
11.    Don’t give up.
12.    Try new things.
13.    Enjoy the simple things in life.
14.    There is no such thing as a “fast lane”.
15.    Say what you mean, but try eloquence.
16.    Open your mouth to build up, not to tear down.
17.    Always look where you are going.
18.    Recycle and reuse.
19.    Do not hesitate to ask for help.
20.    Be a true friend.
21.    Accumulating things does not make you happy.
22.    Remember those who helped you get where you are.
23.    Eat vegetables.
24.    Do not judge people.
25.    When speaking to someone on a mobile phone, please don’t scream. The person on the other end can hear you just fine.
26.    Don’t be a creep.
27.    When visiting other places, do not be the guy who tells people they have it wrong.
28.    Mind your own business.
29.    Give, do not lend.
30.    Baby pictures are not that interesting. Believe me.
31.    You don’t need to take antibiotics.
32.    Put things back the way you found them.
33.    Turn off the TV.
34.    Get dressed-up and go out once in a while.
35.    “It’s” is a contraction of “it is” or “it has”.
36.    Fight for what you believe in.
37.    Don’t miss out on what’s really important.
38.    Be patient with people. You may not know what they’re going through.
39.    Clean up after yourself.
40.    Send cards and letters rather than e-mail.
41.    Take part in community activities.
42.    Don’t be in a hurry.
43.    Relax.
44.    There is no “undo” in life. Think before you act or speak.
45.    Sunshine is not bad for you.
46.    Walk to the store. Leave the car at home.
47.    Tip generously.
48.    Take care of your belongings. They will last longer.
49.    Don’t be afraid.
50.    Laugh out loud.

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These are great rules!

Remember how I told you that you should make this a book? Well, that night I had a dream that I asked you if you'd mind if I wrote it instead. I woke up thinking, "Yeah! That's a good idea!"

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