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Furniture Tectonics
Every time I clean my living room carpet, I have a conundrum with the placement of the furniture. The intuitive approach would be to just put it somewhere pleasing. But, being a little obsessive, I have a compulsion for putting things back exactly as I had them. This is pretty hard after a good steam-cleaning of a rug. The indentations left by the sofa and end tables are completely lifted from the surface. And the pieces are generally placed in the middle of the large space, not adjacent to walls or other structures. With the love seat, it's a little easier. I have it on one side of the room near the windows. But the sofa and the decorative rug end up as part of a sort-of davenport sudoku puzzle.
I attempted to recreate the room using photographs like the way planetary probes make mosaics of the surface below, composite photos meshed together to create a larger image. But I don't photograph my living room with such thoroughness. Besides, it's nearly impossible to get the alignment exactly right.
Some objects remain fixed, and so this makes things a little easier, one would expect. But then, not so. In any case, the furniture would appear to be shifting over an extended period of time, a few centimeters every six months. I call this furniture tectonics. Geologists would have a field day with semantics. But, they will probably never read this, suck!
Okay, I actually like rocks. I'm a nerd. Furniture be damned. More of that crap being delivered tomorrow. Good thing is, less floor space to clean. The rest hides under the sofa.


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